JD Williams Achieves Fast and Fashionable Results With Automated Personalization

JD Williams, a leading fashion company with 140+ years of retail experience, started out with an optimization-only platform, but quickly realized that it needed something more to improve long-term customer engagement and conversion. They turned to Monetate to improve their eCommerce business results.

Like many retailers, JD Williams has seen a significant uptick in mobile traffic across its brands. With Monetate, the JD Williams was able to respond to this change with confidence. The easy-to-use platform enabled the eCommerce team to quickly start creating personalized experiences targeting segments of their audiences—at scale—without relying on third parties.

Success with Strategy

Monetate All-In-One Action

  • Created bespoke dynamic, personalized experiences for mobile and tablet shoppers.
  • Working with Monetate Personalization brought departments together, resulting in JD Williams becoming more agile.

JD Williams utilizes Monetate to create highly personalized and relevant shopping experiences. This helps differentiate JD Williams from its competitors, enhance conversion rates, and increase long-term customer loyalty.

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Uplift in New Visitor Conversion with Personalization on Mobile

We created bespoke mobile experiences for shoppers, resulting in:

Increase in RPS
Increase in New Visitor Conversion
Increase in AOV

We helped improve their eCommerce business results

Moving forward, JD Williams is planning to integrate their CRM data with the Monetate platform, giving it great scope for far deeper levels of personalization.

Further, Monetate’s personalization engine used data inputs like country, population density, and popular sports categories to improve the homepage experience over time.

“Personalization and the ability to deliver individualized, relevant experiences is the single most important thing that will help us deliver business success.”


Director of Marketing, N Brown Group (Parent Company of JD Williams)

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The personalization platform has enabled us to get started in a really quick an easy way. We have been impressed with the business impact that Monetate has had in such a short time and are looking forward to the next stages of the project.

FINN CHRISTO, Conversion Rate Optimisation Manager, N Brown Group (Parent Company of JD Williams)
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