Slotted Recommendations

Monetate Announces Slotted Recommendations for Merchandisers 

We’re excited to announce the launch of Monetate Slotted Recommendations, a powerful new feature that gives merchandisers greater control and customization of their digital merchandising strategy.

Slotted Recommendations are available as a key feature of Monetate’s Product Recommendations product.

With Slotted recommendations, you decide exactly which recommendation strategies to use, and which slot each product appears in. Feature top sellers in the first few slots or mix it up with trending products and old favorites – we’ve made it easy to align your merchandising strategy with highly relevant product recommendations.

Plus, unlike previous versions of Slotted Recommendations, users can now pin products across any slot found within a recommendation container. And since slotting operates at the product recommendation strategy level, strategy and global filters remove the risk of recommending out-of-stock products.

Slotted Recommendations allow merchandisers to create the perfect product mix to engage customers.

It’s the latest addition to our industry-leading product recommendations offering and wider platform suite that gives merchandisers unparalleled flexibility to craft personalized experiences. Put your merchandising expertise to work and create recommendation recipes that are guaranteed to delight your shoppers.

What are Slotted Recommendations?

Monetate Slotted Recommendations give merchandisers expanded control to customize and compose the visual merchandising strategy of their website. You can now manually curate and control the order of recommended products in a container or carousel.

Slotted Recommendations enable you to:

  • Choose specific recommendation strategies for each slot
  • Determine how many products are returned for each category
  • Flexibly mix and match strategies within a single container
  • Pin products at specific positions
  • Have complete control over the top 20 slots
  • Improve catalog coverage by showcasing select inventory
  • Feature high-margin or promotional products
  • Enhance the customer journey/maintain customer engagement

Having more control is a win for merchandisers, offering benefits for e-commerce managers and digital merchandisers that we’ll explore in more detail now.

Benefits of Slotted Recommendations for Merchandisers

Slotted Recommendations empower you to optimize product recommendations and convert hesitant customers as they shop.

As part of our broader product recommendations capabilities, slotting provides the granular control needed to align product recommendations with visual merchandising strategies.

Specifically, you can:

Optimize your business merchandising goals with hyper customization

Focus on what works for you and your merchandising goals in real time by promoting high-margin products, featuring promotional items, or showcasing new arrivals. Manipulate product placement by featuring items in prominent slots and drawing attention to specific items. Slotted Recommendations provides a level of control that lets merchandisers dictate each recommendation strategy and merchandising objective with flexibility and precision.

Improve catalog coverage by showcasing your entire catalog

You can now deliver the best product recommendations to shoppers by accessing – and showcasing – much more of your catalog. Slotted Recommendations allow merchandisers to combine multiple recommendation strategies within a single container. It’s an approach that helps you surface products that might otherwise be missed or overlooked by customers.

Cater to specific customer segments with relevant recommendations

Create personalized product combinations that resonate with different customer segments. Manual slotting puts your merchandisers in charge of how recommendations are presented. It allows you to draw from your merchandising expertise and understanding of the audience to build a curated and tailored shopping experience that’s based on a shopper’s interest and needs.

With Slotted Recommendations, you can craft product combinations that are guaranteed to entice shoppers.

Gain complete control of your merchandising strategy

One of the standout benefits of Monetate’s Slotted Recommendations feature enhancement is its unparalleled level of control.

You determine your strategy and which products you want in each product slot. For example, you can pin specific products in key positions, promote high-margin products, or showcase new arrivals and trending products. You can also mix and match strategies within a single container.

Slotted Recommendations enhance Monetate’s overall recommendations offering. They work in tandem with our integrated personalization features which include:

Slotted Recommendations offer a level of control and customization that sets them apart from a purely automated feature like Dynamic Bundles. We’re excited to dive into what makes manual slotting a standout feature for our clients.

What Makes Monetate Slotted Recommendations Stand Out?

With Monetate Slotted Recommendations, merchandisers can now easily dictate how they would like to slot each recommendation strategy, and how many products they would like to be returned from each strategy.

The feature compliments our overall product recommendations capabilities which include adaptive algorithms that can be configured in hundreds of ways to provide an intuitive understanding of shoppers.

Unlike other players in the personalization space, we provide holistic, unique, and comprehensive product recommendations that combine slotting with AI-driven recommendations.

Here are some key differentiators of Slotted Recommendations, all of which are focused on helping you deliver the best product recommendations to shoppers.

Key Differentiators

  • Incredibly comprehensive product recommendations: Slotted Recommendations add control and are meant to enhance Monetate’s existing product recommendations capabilities. We have the most comprehensive product recommendations offerings compared to the competition, particularly when paired with our existing personalization features.
  • Adaptive algorithms provide unparalleled recommendations and results: Our advanced algorithms can be configured in hundreds of ways, keeping your recommendations on point and relevant.
  • Designed with merchandisers in mind: Slotted Recommendations were built specifically to address the needs and challenges of digital merchandisers. They work the way you work, allowing you to apply your merchandising expertise in a way that makes sense for your business and your customers.
  • Part of a holistic personalization solution: Slotted Recommendations seamlessly integrate with Monetate’s expansive personalization capabilities.
  • Trusted by top brands: Top brands like Musto and Clarks rely on Monetate to power their digital merchandising strategies. Our clients have seen impressive results, including increased conversion rates, higher average order values, and improved customer loyalty.

At Monetate, we’re committed to providing our clients with the most advanced and effective personalization tools on the market.

Slotted Recommendations are the latest example of how we’re continuously innovating to help you exceed your business goals and delight your customers. Schedule a demo to learn how this exciting new feature fits into business’s digital merchandising approach.