A Guide to Creating an RFP for Testing & Personalization Platforms: Free Template

A Guide to Creating an RFP for Testing & Personalization Platforms: Free Template

Request for proposal (RFP) creation can be a time-consuming and challenging process, but a clear and professional RFP dramatically increases your chances of getting a quick and relevant response to meet your business needs.

Monetate’s free RFP Template for Personalization and Testing does the heavy lifting for you, making the process simple so you can focus on selecting the vendor best suited to execute on your digital customer experience vision. To access it, simply click the link and make a copy. You’ll be able to add your own information to your personal copy.

A good RFP should help potential vendors easily understand your requirements and whether they can meet them. It should not only define your project and its needs/requirements but explain your company and its project history. Your RFP should also detail how vendors should respond, note timelines, and outline your selection criteria.

An RFP is an opportunity for your organization to express its needs and find the solution best suited to execute them. Your RFP needs to provide a set of questions for your vendor to complete so your team can use it to assess and compare top in-consideration vendors. But how do you know what questions to ask to ensure that you find a solution best suited to your personalization goals?

Monetate’s RFP template includes more than 70 suggested questions to ask your select vendors across numerous categories. Merchants should also add their own set of questions as they use the template or modify the existing questions to ensure their company and program-specific needs are addressed.


Key sections in Monetate’s free RFP include:

  • Vendor & RFP information
  • Basic information about each vendor
  • An opportunity for your vendor to share their company’s background, core competencies, and competitive differentiators
  • Details regarding the program
  • General requirements
  • Pricing

Because an RFP is an official document, it’s important to cite the reasons for the request in as much detail as possible. Monetate’s free template makes this process quick and easy. You can also use this RFP template to select the final set of vendors you invite for an in-person or virtual interview and demonstration.

This template has been designed for B2B and B2C companies searching for a vendor to deliver more relevant digital interactions for their customers on any channel or device across any industry.