Dynamic Testing & Experimentation Tools for eCommerce

Brands and retailers who are exploring adding personalization to their eCommerce site, often want proof that the experiences they are interested in implementing have value and will drive KPIs.

With Monetate’s Testing & Experimentation, teams can easily test at scale to validate that the changes they intend to make to a brand’s eCommerce site are worth the investment.

Dynamic Testing & Experimentation Tools for eCommerce

300K+ Tests

Clients have run thousands of A/B and Dynamic tests

15+ Years

Experience in the personalization space


Eliminate Guesswork & Boost ROI

Monetate provides a variety of testing capabilities from standard A/B tests, A/B/n tests, multivariate tests, client, server-side, or hybrid testing, and dynamic or “AI-driven” testing.

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Easily connect the pre- and post-click experience & optimize landing pages based on the data that led visitors to originally visit the site.

Dynamic Tests

Analyze experience results in real-time & automatically allocate more traffic to the winner. No waiting to reach significance and no resource-intensive manual monitoring.

Feature Flagging

Helps product teams validate new features more efficiently and de-risk releases, while SDKs are available for developers looking to customize.


Brand Building Made Easier

  • Ability to test any part of any digital experience on any channel.
  • WYSIWYG editor to scale testing for business users.
  • Our extensive integrations and APIs connect easily with other parts of your tech stack.
  • Customer views allow you to see your customer behavior in one place to help deliver a consistent experience across your entire brand.


Faster, More Effective Testing

  • Our flicker mitigation strategies are a masking feature that eliminates front-end flicker to give the confidence to run above-the-fold tests & run more front-end tests.
  • We’ve pulled together best-in-class, complementary capabilities from Certona and Monetate into a single enterprise marketing and merchandising platform.
  • Monetate’s unique architecture impacts site load speed 300-500x less than competitors on average so that you can test at scale without repercussions.
  • Our Professional Services Team gives 30-60-90-day action plans to ensure you get value quickly from Monetate Personalization and your testing strategy.
  • Monetate has experience testing with over 1,000+ clients and 15+ years of experience in the personalization space.


Use AI to Increase Conversion by 25%

“Not only did we see significant uplifts in conversion and engagement, but we also gained useful customer insights that will inform our decision-making in future campaigns.” Natalie Ong, Online Merchandiser

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