Integrate existing data across your stack

Monetate doesn’t just integrate with your existing technology investments, it makes them better. Monetate’s open architecture includes the data integrations and APIs to ingest data and output decisions to your existing systems in real time.

Integrate existing data across your stack

Open platform

Monetate is architected from the ground up to be open, product-agnostic and easy to connect to your existing applications and data. Our integrations and APIs are aimed to make the rest of your data and technology more valuable. Whatever data you bring in, and whatever systems you use to execute, Monetate delivers the “last millisecond” personalization decisions that make the difference in customer experience.

Secure implementation options that leave you in control

Monetate’s modern architecture deploys easily in all environments, including client-side (browser), server-side, and single-page applications. Monetate’s decisioning engine can connect to any channel via API or integration to push out real-time actions, alongside advanced strategies to reduce or eliminate flicker.

Session stream

When it’s time to get granular, open access to raw Monetate session data means it can be ported in the tool of your choice: relational databases such as MySQL, data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift, or BI platforms like Tableau and Domo.

Leading privacy and data security

Monetate prioritizes the privacy and security of our users and their customers. We have appointed a Data Privacy Officer to manage our data privacy compliance program, including compliance with GDPR and CCPA.

A network of trusted partners who share our vision

Monetate collaborates with agencies, service organizations, and technology providers to deliver the best personalization and optimization approaches to reduce time-to-market and to accelerate client business growth.

A network of trusted partners who share our vision

Office Depot

Program Manager, Personalization

"Monetate is the only company that allows us to deploy testing and targeting across platforms and channels in addition to one-to-one personalization."


Head of Product

"[Monetate] gave us a huge amount of confidence to actually drive bigger, more complex, and deeper experiences; even multi-page experiences that we never would have been able to execute before without flicker or delay on big imagery changes."

Graham & Brown

Customer Journey Executive

"If you’re investing in personalisation and testing, you need a powerful platform to help you get the most out of what you are doing. Monetate does that and helps us lead the market, not just follow it."

Built for contemporary architecture and flexible implementation

Monetate allows for flexible testing and personalization across all environments, including server-side integration and websites built in single-page applications (such as React or Angular.)