Drive smarter decision-making with actionable analytics

Get deeper customer insights with less effort. Learn exactly what works and why with both automated personalization insights and native integrations with popular analytics platforms.

Drive smarter decision-making with actionable analytics

Explore audiences for intuitive discovery and segmentation

Analytics designed with personalization in mind, helping marketers craft nuanced audience segments, evaluate their performance across key metrics, and create experiences to quickly deliver personalization to those audiences. All in a matter of minutes, right in the Monetate platform.

Drive advanced analysis anywhere

When it’s time to get granular, open access to raw Monetate session data means it can be ported in the tool of your choice: relational databases such as MySQL, data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift, or BI platforms like Tableau and Domo.

Native analytics integrations

Monetate’s open and flexible platform provides native integrations with popular tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Real-time data so you never miss an opportunity

Monetate’s measurement tools can analyze test and experience results in real time. Take action on audience insights while they still matter most.

Office Depot

Program Manager, Personalization

"Monetate is the only company that allows us to deploy testing and targeting across platforms and channels in addition to one-to-one personalization."


Head of Product

"[Monetate] gave us a huge amount of confidence to actually drive bigger, more complex, and deeper experiences; even multi-page experiences that we never would have been able to execute before without flicker or delay on big imagery changes."

Graham & Brown

Customer Journey Executive

"If you’re investing in personalisation and testing, you need a powerful platform to help you get the most out of what you are doing. Monetate does that and helps us lead the market, not just follow it."