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See how we helped Reebok use machine learning for a 12.2% improvement in CTR.

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Tips for Getting Started with Personalization

Create a Short- and Long-Term Roadmap

Take time to consider your immediate & long-term goals. What do you hope to accomplish? How can you continue to grow?

Establish Buy-In

Create a solid plan to take to your boss with research-driven proof points & competitive examples to prove the value of personalization.

Set Measurable Goals & Build a Strategy

Determine how you will meet each of your personalization goals. Consider the time needed for testing, integrations, and development.


AI-Powered Innovation

Harness best-in-breed technology from Monetate for predicting human behavior and tailoring the customer experience in any channel. From homepage hero to in-store kiosk, set a goal like increasing conversion rate, reducing bounce rate, or improving engagement, and let the machine decide which experience should be delivered.


High-Touch Support

Enhance your customer journey with success playbooks, onboarding services, and strategic consulting that we’ve mastered from partnering with hundreds of leading global brands. Our Professional Services Team gives 30-60-90-day action plans to ensure you get value quickly from Monetate Personalization and learn how to best launch targeted 1-to-1 Personalization experiences.


All-In-One Suite

Transform the way you engage with your customers with Monetate’s suite of personalization solutions all in one, easy-to-use platform. Monetate is built for business users, with deeply configurable filters, easy-to-use builders, and editors to refresh content, refine messaging, and launch sophisticated personalized experiences across brand touchpoints. Developers can also take advantage of Monetate server-side for optimal performance and utilize SDKs for seamless integrations with mobile and single-page apps.


Do I have to buy the full Monetate Personalization platform, or can I choose just what I need?
You choose the level of service you need. We offer Core, Enhanced or Suite. Add-ons are available, too. 
I don’t have a big team, or a lot of experience. Can I still work with Monetate?
Absolutely. Many clients run our platform with just one full-time employee. And experience isn’t required. Our Professional Services Team can get you up to speed in a hurry—and show you how to boost your ROI quickly. 
Will Monetate integrate with my eCommerce and/or CMS platform?
Yes. Our open API integrates with everyone and everything. 
Do I need to have great data—or even clean data—to start personalizing?
The more data you can supply, the better Monetate will perform. But with more than 150 out-of-the-box targets, you can start personalizing right away—and boost your bottom line almost immediately.
Do I need coding experience?
Not at all! Monetate is specifically designed for users who don’t have coding experience. So you won’t have to get your IT team involved—and you’ll reduce your development costs. (Note: If you have developers and coders who want to dig into the software, that’s OK with us.) 

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