An advanced approach to personalization is built on more than just data and cutting-edge technology: it’s also about empowering marketers to gain customer insights that drive strategy and creative. What you serve to consumers is only half the picture: the other half is about what your team can learn, and how they use those insights to adjust and improve the content and experiences you offer.

The importance of testing and optimization is amplified today, and the stakes are high. This is especially true as marketers strive to personalize every experience, across all channels. According to an article by Marketo, How to Cultivate a Culture of Testing, “Millennials are 44% more likely to permanently disengage with brands after receiving high volumes of mass generic email communications, according to Aimia Institute.” 

A poor experience can mean a lost sale; poor experiences over time can mean a lost prospect for life.

As described in our recent whitepaper The 3 Competencies of Personalization, there are three main techniques that marketers must master to build a robust personalization strategy: Testing & Optimization, Segmentation & Targeting, and 1-to-1 Personalization (also referred to as individualization). Testing & Optimization is the technique of measuring the performance of two or more versions of content presentation in order to determine which works best for the audience overall. The dual benefits of this competency are that it allows marketers to optimize individual experiences in the moment, while simultaneously testing larger hypotheses about how best to design for their customers. 

The newest whitepaper from Monetate, the second in the 3 Competencies series, gets right to the details about this technique for experience optimization and what it has to offer: Winning Approaches to Testing & Optimization draws on findings from a wide range of use cases from industry leaders and presents an analysis that you can apply directly in your organization. 

The paper contains:

  • Real world examples of how businesses have used testing, with clearly demonstrated results
  • Five elements of the testing methodology that leaders have adopted consistently
  • How to build a “culture of testing” at your organization 
  • and more…

As marketers, whether you’re looking for an approachable personalization methodology to get started, or how the elements of an advanced personalization strategy intertwine, it’s time to fully incorporate testing and optimization in your processes. Read Winning Approaches to Testing & Optimization now and learn how to  drive better business results for your organizations at every level.