There’s plenty of hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence. As masterful marketing becomes more and more about a business’s capacity to leverage the best technology, cutting-edge developments like AI command a huge amount of attention in the space.

In fact, the level of attention that AI gets as a trending term seems to far surpass rates of actual adoption, particularly in the retail industry.

That’s too bad, seeing as retailers have so much to gain from leveraging AI to scale up their marketing efforts—especially during the holiday season, when the volume of traffic from anonymous customers skyrockets. During the hustle and bustle of Q4, marketers can no longer rely on their trusted segmentation strategies to serve 100% of the audience, at least without help from machines that can process data in vast quantities within fractions of a second.

So what specific benefits can such processing power provide for marketers looking to make the most out of the holiday season?

Head to Retail Technology Innovation Hub to read a post from Simon Farthing, Director of Global Strategy and Insights at Monetate: AI — the secret to instilling customer loyalty spells out several ways that AI can help retailers take advantage of the holiday shopping season to strengthen their customer relationships, for benefits that last far beyond December 31st.