Time and again, badging proves to be a must-have for retailers looking to differentiate products on their websites. We’ve told you about the $3.2 million JPEG and the value of branded product badges.

And now we’ve got a few more examples of ecommerce firms that scored quick but substantial wins with product badges that range from a dead-simple sales message to more merchandising-focused curation:

Sale BadgeSale Badging : An electronics retailer netted a 13.26% lift in conversion and a revenue per session lift of 18.73% by implementing this simple badging technique.

Organic Badging: We all know certified organic products are hot these days. This retailer of specialty foods proved it with the use of “USDA Organic” badging that rang up a 7.48% conversion rate lift.

Best Seller BadgeBestseller Badging: Like badging sale items, badging bestsellers is a no-brainer. The results? An 11.78% conversion rate lift for the same retailer that badged its USDA Organic-certified products. That’s just one win shy of a badging hat trick!

Valentine's Day BadgeValentine’s Day Badging: February 14th is one of the biggest days of the year for gift-giving, and this badging practice leveraged by an apparel retailer follows the trend, making significant impact in terms of average order value (+8.84%) and new customer conversion (+8.28%).

Product badging is one of those best practices that continues to pay off, prompting marketers to keep brainstorming new creative approaches—especially when they use a client-side website optimization solution that makes it easy deploy badging tests. As online retailers come up with more great badging ideas, we’ll be sure to share them with you.