Are you only using banners to convey promotions on your website? If the answer is yes, then you could be leaving money on the table, because your banners might not be reaching as many visitors as you think.

One of our clients suspected as much, so they tested a banner promoting a 20% discount against a lightbox with the same offer and creative. Which presentation version would perform best under, albeit artificial, pressure?

The result of the test painted an extremely clear picture of what gets people’s attention.

The lightbox (shown at right) produced a whopping 22.66% increase in conversion over the banner. Percentage lifts in other key metrics such as new customer acquisition, average order value, revenue per session, add-to-cart rate, and bounce rate were equally as high, leaving behind no doubts that a lightbox can get the job done.

So when you’re looking to mix things up in order to goose your conversion rate, a lightbox is a good option to test.