Thanks to Google, many consumers are familiar with predictive search.

By providing suggestions that drop down from the search bar, predictive search technology helps consumers find what they’re looking for more quickly and can alert them to items that they didn’t even know existed.

Yet, most retailers are way behind the curve with predictive search. Not only do they not offer predictive search to their customers, but they probably haven’t even thought about implementing it. Thankfully, predictive search can be added to any site in seconds.

With predictive search, one retailer’s revenue per session increased 8.71 percent over a 30-day period and earned the company an incremental revenue impact of $63,670 during that time.

What’s more, the retailer came away with a projected annual revenue of almost $3 million from that one little change. The bottom line: Predictive search fosters a shopping experience rife with potential–both for your customers, and for your bottom line.


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