As much as we love sharing the incredible wins our clients score with their website testing programs—successes that can help you improve your testing efforts—every once in a while it’s nice to show that we walk the walk of conversion rate optimization on our own site.

For those readers who engage in lead generation, here’s a Website Testing Win for you to consider. As some of you might know, Monetate produces educational white papers, eBooks, case studies, webinars, and more on a variety of website optimization topics. A few of these resources require website visitors to fill out a registration form in order to receive access to the download.

Following best practices for landing page design, we:

• kept the page clean

• showed a picture of the requested resource

• made the copy scannable

• limited form fields to essential information

• emphasized the call-to-action button

As a result, our conversion rate was 13.2%. Respectable, but we suspected we could drive more leads with a simple design tweak.

Not wanting to over-complicate the layout, we wondered if we could improve visual flow for the desired action (i.e., fill out the short form and click the button) with a red arrow that directs readers from the landing page headline to the product image, the registration form, and on through to the submit button.

How well did this easy update perform? We clinched a 68.3% lift in conversion, for a 22.2% conversion rate.

But we’re not done! As colleague Adam Figueira has explained, website optimization is a journey, not a destination. So we’ll keep sharing our hits with you—maybe even some misses, since they can prove just as instructive—as we test out new ideas on