Since Pinterest’s debut a couple years ago, brands have been trying to find ways to turn users’ pins and follows into website visits and sales.

Consumer behavior seems to be on their side, as 70% of respondents in an October 2012 BizRate Insights survey said they go to Pinterest for inspiration on what to buy.

In addition, 39% of survey respondents reported that they turn to Pinterest for special offers from retailers and brands that they have pinned or followed—which brings us to some smart marketers that took advantage of this consumer interest.

These two sister retail brands noticed that their respective traffic coming from this social media source wasn’t converting well on-site. To help these visitors remain engaged after they clicked through, each brand tested its own can’t-miss, site-wide banner that promoted a one-day 15%-off discount just for the Pinterest segment.

pinterest banner 1


pinterest banner 2

The time-limited offer proved sticky, helping the housewares brand (top banner) achieve a 94% lift in conversion, along with a 101% lift in new customer acquisition. And the test worked just as well for its sister brand, pulling a 90% conversion lift for the seller of women’s apparel and home textiles (bottom banner).