There’s been a lot of talk about how orange buttons increase conversion. Orange buttons were said to increase conversion by 32% in one case study and big orange buttons have been said to boost conversion in blog post after blog post.

But, if you dig into the results, you’ll see that orange buttons were almost always tested against a control of no button at all. In cases like these, it’s hardly a surprise that orange buttons make a difference. Of course they do … when compared to no button at all! Practically any button will make a difference, regardless of color.

So, we wondered, do orange buttons really make a difference? What if we compared orange buttons to, say, blue buttons?

Well, the results might surprise you.

One of our clients recently tested the two buttons below on their product detail pages:

The blue button won. In this simple A/B test, we found that the blue button outperformed the orange one, producing a 9% lift.

So much for that bit of online marketing dogma. Yet again, this just goes to show you that you always have to test.