When people use your brand name(s) to search for products and services online, they’re exhibiting an affinity that suggests they could be more likely to convert without the lure of a discount or other incentive.

By contrast, website traffic referred by non-branded paid search ads might be less familiar with your company and offerings, and so could need some kind of carrot to place an order.

That was the guiding principle behind a test conducted by an apparel retailer. Using arrival URL parameter targeting, the retailer identified visitors referred from its non-branded paid search campaigns; the test segment of this group then was served a site-wide banner that promoted an offer of $10 off orders of $50 or more—the operative phrase being “site-wide.” No matter which areas of the retailer’s website these visitors explored, the targeted offer followed them to keep this benefit top of mind. (Here’s another example of a consistency campaign that pulled a banner response from search traffic.)

This combination of offer and execution proved effective: the test lifted conversion for this segment by more than 31% and reduced cart abandonment by more than 13%.

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