International visitors to U.S. ecommerce websites fill shopping carts at nearly the same rate as their American counterparts—as we shared in our infographic, The International Conversion Mystery. Conversion, however, is a different story, with U.S. shoppers more than three times as likely to make a purchase.

Retailers can use location in context to chip away at this gap by targeting products, offers, and creative to this traffic. A smart first step, for example, is simply letting visitors know when you ship to their country.

Want to expand your strategy? Shipping fees are a prime consideration for shoppers, no matter where they live, so testing around this element in the conversion process is a good idea.

For one retailer, telling visitors from Brazil that shipping options started at $30 had a small positive impact on conversion,  but it sensed a bigger opportunity to improve response. The campaign copy, “New shipping options, starting at $30 USD *Details,” had been run in English, but the overwhelming majority of Brazilians speak Portuguese.

wtw__portuguese shipping offer

So the retailer decided to see if localizing the  approach with Portuguese copy would lift results. Save for translating the text, the retailer kept all the other campaign details the same.

This time, the campaign results were far more convincing. Revenue from the test group that saw the shipping offer banner in Portuguese increased by 25% against the control group that saw an English-language version.

Bottom line: The more relevant you can be to each audience that visits your website, the better your ecommerce results.