Not all website tests have to swing for the fences to stand a chance of having a positive impact on the bottom line.

One of the first campaigns an online retailer conducted once it started working with Monetate was a button test. The company had analyzed its product detail page design and wanted to see if it could improve performance with more prominent add-to-cart and add-to-wishlist buttons.

The control button creative (shown below) featured white icons and text for both the add-to-cart and add-to-wishlist options, placed inside respective white rule-lined boxes on the black page background.

To give these two action elements more visual definition on the page, the online retailer chose for its test two slightly different shades of dark gray to fill in the backgrounds of the side-by-side buttons; one shade for the add-to-cart button and another for the add-to-wishlist button. All other creative components for the buttons and the remainder of the product detail page were kept the same.

The new presentation (shown above) clearly helps the buttons pop off the page and stand out from one another, but that’s never a guarantee shoppers will actually respond. In this case, better design did translate into better revenue, with the button test creative lifting conversion by 3.95% and becoming the new control.

It was a quick and easy test, for a quick and easy win—and when you run a bunch of tests like this across different pages, the results can really add up.

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