A big part of replicating the in-store shopping experience on a retail website is helping consumers narrow in exclusively on the items that come in their size. For example, many of the retailers that sell women’s apparel feature a petites section for that customer niche.

Navigation menus are a useful, if passive, way to communicate the different ways visitors can shop your product assortment online. Could a more proactive approach to highlighting petite sizes draw additional attention to this collection and boost sales?

A retailer decided to put it to a test, creating a banner to promote its petites collection to visitors who either viewed or purchased apparel in petite sizes on a prior visit. The banner ran under the main navigation menu and linked to the petites collection sub-category page.

wtw_petites banner

Even though the test audience was too small to generate statistical significance for the campaign, the retailer evaluated performance based on incremental revenue. On that front, the test was a definite success, leading the retailer to roll out this campaign to 100% of the target segment.