Your website analytics can guide you toward the right tests to improve any number of business goals. In the case of ModCloth, an online retailer of vintage-inspired and retro clothing and decor, reports showed that traffic coming from outside North America was not converting as well its domestic counterpart. Even though the innovative retailer was quite popular overseas, something was depressing response from this group.

A key sticking point for ModCloth was the reluctance to dedicate precious website real estate to messaging for international visitors alone. But by not making it clear to this audience segment that overseas orders were a regular part of its business, the retailer lost out on connecting with roughly 20% of its site traffic.

Modcloth_international geotargetingTo better welcome this audience—without cross-messaging to domestic shoppers—ModCloth determined it could run a campaign of geotargeted banners and overlays that only appeared when visitors from target countries arrived on site. The creative welcomed them by country of origin, advertising the ability to ship to their location.

The response proved that ModCloth had made a smart move. Measured against a control group, this geotargeting campaign produced, from the designated audience:

• 100% lift in conversion rate

• 100% lift in revenue

• 167% lift in new customer acquisition

So, not only did the test campaign drive incredible KPI results, but ModCloth achieved a truly global objective: Stronger conversion of international traffic without losing margin to discounting or free shipping, while avoiding the trade-off of personalizing the site for overseas visitors at the expense of domestic shoppers.