You can’t ignore the airtight evidence in favor of testing. You’ve followed the success stories and read the white papers. The potential to yield conversion and revenue lift is too good to pass up, so you decide to try it out.

That’s when reality kicks in. And the thrill? Gone.

You’re unlikely to have the technical proficiency to code multiple elements per test, as most testing platforms require. You’ll rely, instead, heavily on your IT department, which likely means you and your test will have to wait in line. And, unless you’re already a website optimization expert, you can’t be sure you’re testing or targeting the right thing. One thing you can be sure of? You’ll put in a lot of time to set it up with no guarantee of success.

This all makes it seem like your efforts are shots in the dark. Expensive ones. And testing starts to seem like an interesting theory that will never make it into the real world—at least not your world.

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