total experience optimizationRecently, I spoke at the Digital East conference in Washington, D.C. on mobile search optimization.

Most attendees probably expected to learn a set of techniques for attracting more visitors to the website from mobile search—“pre-click optimization,” as it’s sometimes called.

But optimization doesn’t begin with the search result and end on the landing page. In fact, it’s not about the landing page at all, but rather the visitor’s experience across the entire website.

In the past, I’ve referred to this as Total Experience Optimization.

The first requirement of Total Experience Optimization is that it be three-dimensional, arming business users with the capacity to test, target, and change multiple elements across multiple pages—all within the same campaign. See the advantage of creating such highly relevant site-wide customer experiences for yourself in this Monetate Monday Minute video on multi-element, multi-page campaigns.


The second requirement is that it be fast and easy, thereby avoiding the complexity that many (mistakenly) consider to be a sign of sophistication.

Total Experience Optimization need not be difficult to be advanced. But remember, just as important as a campaign’s capabilities is the ease with which they can be brought to bear.

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