Monetate Open Source Prize FinalistsWhen we announced the first Monetate Open Source Prize at the beginning of Philly Tech Week in April, we were unsure what the public reaction would be. Would anyone take us up on our offer? What would the quality of the entries be like? And so on.

However, when the June 1 submission deadline arrived, we were blown away with both the quality of entries as well as the talent level of the applicants–leaving us extremely confident about the future of open source innovation in Philadelphia and beyond.

Today we’re proud to announce that our blue-ribbon panel of judges has narrowed down the list of entries to the top five finalists, and we are opening up the next stage of the competition: A public vote that will determine the top three winners.

Represented among the five finalists are some amazing ideas: a mobile application designed to help health care providers access information about drug shortages; a dynamic graphing framework for developers to build their own applications to animate and inter-activate data; an automated distributed testing infrastructure for Rubygems; a static type-checker for Python source code, and a real-time Web server “that doesn’t suck.” Very impressive indeed!

Voting is now open and will last for two weeks until midnight on June 22. The top three winners will be announced on June 23, and we’ll be celebrating their accomplishments at a party on the evening of the 23rd (stay tuned for details).

Without further ado, here are the top 5 finalists with a link to their submission.

Chloe by Trotter Cashion & Matt Schaffer

Gem Testers by Josiah Kiehl & Erik Hollensbe

HumbleVis by Carl Sutherland

Pyty by Jeff Ruberg

RxShortages App for iPhone and Android by Michael Schroeder

We’d like to extend a huge Thank You to everyone who has participated in the contest so far, and wish each of finalists Good Luck!