Welcome to another edition of This Week Today, our weekly roundup of the 5 best retail + tech links. Here’s This Week Today vol. #eleven for Friday 9.18.2015.

Blocks   1. There could be a silver lining behind the ad-blocking apocalypse [Fortune]

“So why is it that some online media companies are less concerned about ad blocking than others? It’s not just the ones who have subscription models or other alternative sources of revenue either. At a recent New York media conference I was involved in, Vox Media president, Mashable founder, and Mic co-founder said they actually think ad blocking could turn out to be a good thing—and not just for users but for media companies too.”

Dressing room 2. Store surveillance keeps an eye on your hair and clothes [MIT Technology Review]

“Boston-based Netra takes surveillance footage from stores’ Internet-connected video cameras, breaks it down into different components, and extracts characteristics—such as long brown hair, a plaid shirt, blue jeans, and so on—about any person spotted on the video, and stores it in an index.”

Department Store

3. Macy’s goes omnichannel [Think with Google]

“Macy’s is a 150-year-old department store with a deep connection to its core audience: women ages 25–54. Today that customer shops online, offline and everywhere, so Macy’s has adapted its inventory, marketing and internal team structure to let her research, buy and collect her purchases where and when she wants. Here, Macy’s executives talk about their successful omnichannel approach.”

Monetate CEO Lucinda Duncalfe 4. Lucinda Duncalfe’s 5 essential lessons for potential startup CEOs [Philly Magazine]

“’Duncalfe discussed a hot-button issue in the startup world: highlighting the difference between cash-flow businesses and startups. Many today aim for the explosive growth that defines startups, because of its ‘sexy’ veneer. In certain sectors, Duncalfe noted, explosive growth is uncalled for, or the market just may not support it, in which case venture money is an impediment.”

thumbs up 5. What exactly is Product Hunt’s secret?

“I think the magic happens because all the parties involved in the ecosystem in scope (tech products) are actively participating, they have their own motivations and they can be fulfilled by the platform.”

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