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Here’s This Week Today vol. #three for Friday 7.24.2015.

heels 1. The Dot Connectors: Creating personalization at every step of the customer experience 

[Content Standard]

“It was clear that this wasn’t your average retail site. As a former member of the magazine publishing world, I instantly noticed a very editorial design elevated to a rich media experience. Click on any little nuggets and up popped a series of vignettes in the form of videos, maps, and vintage sketches that gave you front-row seats at the shoemaker’s table.”

02 2. A quirky video we made about personalization

We created this for the 2015 Monetate Summit. Now you can see it here, for the first time!

3. Go2Nurse mobile app empowers nurses to provide personalized care to patients [Nurse.com]

“’We designed [the app] to bridge many of the communication gaps that patients might encounter in a traditional healthcare environment,’ said Ben-Alec, Go2Nurse co-founder and technology business strategist.”

4. 4 ways to drive more LinkedIn traffic to your blog [Quick Sprout]

“It’s one of the most difficult things for a marketer: to use social media and achieve actual results. Anyone can go out and buy tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in ads, but not all businesses have that kind of budget. The good news is that you can do it for much cheaper, even zero dollars (minus your time)—it’s just harder.”

5. 30 creatives whose smart, funny, and innovative work keeps advertising interesting [Adweek]

“They make the work you wish you’d made. Work that makes you think, makes you laugh, makes you feel, and—perhaps most of all—makes you jealous. It’s also work that works, and keeps clients coming back for more.”

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