Welcome to another edition of This Week Today, our weekly roundup of the 5 best retail + tech links. Here’s This Week Today vol. #twelve for Friday 9.25.2015.

Yogi Berra   1. Yogi Berra, the email marketing genius we’ve overlooked?

We don’t normally feature stuff from our own blog in This Week Today, but this one is just too timely to pass up. It explores some of the ways Yogi’s wisdom as a baseball catcher, manager, and coach applies to email marketing and personalization. We posted it in July 2014. It’s already been viewed over 600 times since Yogi passed away this Tuesday. #SEOlonggame

Robot playing chess 2. Deep-learning machine teaches itself chess in 72 hours, plays at international master level

[MIT Technology Review]

“The technology behind Lai’s new machine is a neural network. This is a way of processing information inspired by the human brain. It consists of several layers of nodes that are connected in a way that change as the system is trained.”

Magazine Rack 3. Is personalized discovery a feature, category, or new paradigm? [TechCrunch]

“There are so many great choices available in the digital realm, and new stuff is pouring in every second. Many times we feel helpless in front of such an abundance of endless possibilities. Nevertheless, so far no one has created a solution that would automatically bring all the interesting options to your fingertips without you asking for it. Why?”

Crystal Ball 4. 14 retail experts talk about the future of shopping and what you can do to prepare [Vend Retail Blog]

“As the retail industry becomes increasingly competitive, merchants who want to thrive in the coming years must be more forward-thinking. After all, one of the keys to succeeding in the future is to anticipate it. Of course, predicting the future is easier said than done.”

Delivery Man 5. Ex-Apple retail chief wants to deliver the iPhone 6s to you in under 4 hours [VentureBeat]

“As Apple’s former retail chief, Johnson knows a thing or two about impressing consumers. This weekend, his team is challenging itself to deliver the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus smartphones to customers’ homes—in under four hours. Johnson boasted that Enjoy will be able to deliver the phones on Friday and be getting the devices set up while carriers are still struggling with availability issues.”

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