Micro-personalization has been the goal of many forward-thinking organizations since 1993, when Don Peppers and Martha Rogers published “The One to One Future.”

Now that technology is finally catching up with that vision, how many brands are getting close to delivering true one-to-one personalization? The recently released L2 Personalization Report has a section dedicated to that very question.

First, they examined the extent to which organizations deliver consistent messages across channels and devices. They found: 1-1 personalization

Then, they turned to office supply store Staples and their 1-to-1 personalization strategy:

“For many organizations, the ultimate goal of personalization is the ability to deliver consumers the right offer at the right time, nudging them over the brink towards conversion. Staples is using browsing history to test micro-targeted offers pushed to customers in real-time. These “Exclusive Offers,” in addition to being personalized at the product level, are also time-sensitive – the customized discount is valid for twenty minutes only, creating a sense of urgency to drive the desired behavior.”

Download this mini 5-page excerpt from the full report about cross-channel messages and personalization.

Then if you like what you read, download the full report: