Monetate makes me incredibly proud every day. Our products have changed the way 300 great brands engage with their customers, and they’re constantly praising the positive impact we’ve made on their businesses. Over the last nearly seven years, we’ve grown from a vision shared by two founders to over 220 people across multiple cities, countries and continents. I’m proud to be a part of this amazing team.

Our impact is much larger than you might know. Over one third of all ecommerce sales in the US are influenced by a Monetate campaign during the holidays, and marketers rate our products more highly than all competing solutions. As more customers start using Monetate every day, and more talented people join our team, we’re continuing to lead the way with category-defining product innovation – relentlessly attacking the barriers that stand between marketers and great connections with their customers.

The path ahead for Monetate is more exciting than it has ever been. We’ve reached a stage where we can begin true expansion – focusing on customers, markets and geographies that have never been in reach before. This new stage comes with new challenges, not the least of which is continuing to delight our customers and lead with the best products as we expand. Thinking about all of these challenges, it is clear that this next stage will require amazing work from every part of our team, tackling new and different opportunities that come with expansion.

I’ve decided that best way for Monetate to tackle these opportunities is by adding incredible strength to our team, and I’m thrilled to announce that Lucinda Duncalfe joins us today as CEO. Lucinda and I have worked together for many years, first as co-founders of my last company, TurnTide, where she was also CEO. She was the first independent director to join David Bookspan and me on Monetate’s board of directors in the first days of the company. Lucinda is a strong, inspiring leader with whom I’m thrilled to partner once again; she and I are very different in skills, experience, and approach, but our shared values and a truly rare openness and trust turn those differences into great strength as a team. I am honored and proud that we have built such momentum and potential that a CEO as talented as Lucinda would be excited to lead us forward.

Starting today, I will be completely focused on product innovation. I will be working more closely with our customers and spending time with marketers, learning how we can push the envelope further with our products. As our new Executive Chairman, I’m excited to be focused in the areas where I believe I have my most important contributions to make to our success.

The is the first day of an exciting new stage for Monetate, and a great day for our customers, our many future customers, and the entire Monetate family.