It’s a big day when your market segment is recognized by the industry analysts. This year, Gartner released the inaugural Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines that analyzed and evaluated 18 Personalization Engine vendors. The Magic Quadrant (MQ) report helps clarify the different areas of specialization that work together to form a Personalization Engine. Additionally, the MQ helps identify the ins and outs of the Personalization Engines landscape, key areas of specialty marketers need to focus on to meet their business needs, and specific insights into this evolving market.

They also named Monetate as a Leader in the MQ.

There are almost 7,000 martech solutions available today as cited in the infamous Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic and differences between solutions can be difficult to understand without third-party analysis.

Magic Quadrant reports have always been considered one of the critical assessment tools for martech purchases, and until now, Personalization Engines did not have a stand-alone report. This validates the pivotal role of personalization as business leaders look to personalization technology to improve customer experience and drive profitable revenue.

What did the MQ have to say about Personalization Engines?

Personalization engines apply context about individual users and their circumstances to select and deliver messaging such as content, offers and other interactions through digital channels in support of three use cases—marketing, digital commerce and customer experience,” says Gartner.

And as a result, these types of personalized interactions have an impact on the organization including improving conversions, customer experience and marketing effectiveness.

What makes Monetate a Leader?

“AI capabilities, including automated segment discovery, topic modeling to identify context, and dynamic creative composing, [are] key differentiators of its decisioning engine” reports Gartner when highlighting core capabilities of Monetate.

Monetate strengths listed in the MQ include:

  • Breadth of product functionality and performance
  • Ability to power online and offline experiences with first-party data
  • Intelligent decisioning
  • Personalization capabilities within email and mobile applications
  • Connectors that trigger digital advertising in applications and call centers

Organizations seeking to invest in personalization solutions need to do their due diligence in identifying what functionality and capabilities are needed to support their business goals. Not all Personalization Engines are the same, and each solution offers unique strengths and functionality.

Read the full Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines here. Download your copy today and and see what makes Monetate a clear leader in the space.

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