When you consider the monumental shifts taking place in online consumer behavior these days, it’s no surprise Forrester Research reports that many companies with commerce websites intend to start a replatforming effort in the next two years.

Replatforms, however, are tricky. It’s natural to go into the process thinking that shiny new features and functionality automatically translate to better results. But new doesn’t really equal better. Finding the right features and functionality that resonate with the different visitor segments who come to your website—that’s how you get to better.

So the obvious question here is: How do you figure out which bells and whistles deserve to be built into your new website? You test them. In fact, testing can be leveraged to inform all three phases of the replatforming process: planning, execution, and evaluation. (Check out this video to get Forrester Research Senior Analyst Joe Stanhope’s view on how testing can help you improve a replatforming initiative.)