Tafford Uniforms is a specialty clothier that asks the question: why can’t medical practitioners be fashionistas? It is a simple query that has propelled Tafford to become the largest source for scrubs and medical uniforms since the company’s founding, just over 25 years ago.

Tafford believes that a balance can be struck between style and affordability, and considering their success, it is clear that this is a marketing strategy that has worked for them. While they primarily relied upon being a catalog operation for most of their existence, Tafford recently migrated their efforts to also becoming an internet retailer.

It was a decision that served them well. But like any other retail website, no matter how good you are doing, you can always be doing better. Fortunately for Tafford, they realized that aspect of website optimization early on. They were just as eager to start testing as Monetate was to document their improvements, which can be seen in this free white paper.

Upon realizing the freedom an IT-free testing platform could afford them, Tafford took to testing many aspects of their website:

  • usefulness/necessity of a deferred payment option
  • profitability of free shipping
  • product videos to improve conversion
  • potential of email echo campaigns

Check out the free white paper, Tafford Uniforms: A New Prescription for Website Optimization, to see exactly how Tafford leveraged the Monetate Agility Suite to improve key metrics like a lower acquisition cost per session and increased customer lifetime value and average order value.