Picture it: You’re in a meeting, explaining why volume of website hits is not a metric that means much to the health of the online business. You’re talking about the number of objects requested from a web server when a page loads.

But the president of your company looks back at you with a blank face, then says: “Hits are the number of site visitors we get, right?”

In the world of website testing and optimization, there’s a lot of jargon. So even the best discussions about the process can be like pulling teeth if everyone in the room doesn’t understand the lingo.

To get buy-in for website testing and optimization, the definitions of these words have to be fully understood and agreed upon by everyone at the table. That means the CEO, any third-party vendors or contractors, and IT.

One way to solve this problem: Pass out this Website Testing & Optimization Glossary, available as a free download, before the next meeting.

The Glossary is jam-packed with crystal clear definitions of 100 of the most commonly used words in website testing and optimization.

Have a VP that’s not sure what you mean by Abandonment Rate? Want to make sure a contractor knows your goal is to reduce Latent Conversions?

The Website Testing & Optimization Glossary will get your entire team on the same page, speaking the same language, and working toward the same goals.

Some of the key words the Glossary clears up:

• Content Optimization

• Depressing Conversion

• Dynamic Content

• Factorial Test Design

• Path Analysis

• Predictive Analytics, and more.

We can’t think of a better way to make sure your website optimization efforts succeed.