As more and more consumers ditch their keyboards for their smartphones, it’s time for travel and hospitality websites to take action.

That’s the latest from eMarketer’s “Digital Insights for the Travel and Hospitality Industry” Brief, which found travelers aren’t an exception to the consumer migration to mobile.

eMarketer reports that total online travel spending should hit $120 billion this year, an 11% increase from 2011. The bad news: That growth isn’t in line with overall spending online, and eMarketer says it indicates a slowdown in travel spending.

But there is a silver lining here, and it’s made up of shimmering iPhones and Androids.

According to the brief, 16 million U.S. travelers will book a trip via their mobile device this year, an increase of 4 million since 2011. eMarketer’s research also finds that by 2016, 36.7 million consumers will book a trip via smartphone, more than doubling the current rate.

As an ever-increasing number of mobile users rely on their devices to research and purchase trips online, travel and hospitality companies that make the purchase process as easy and intuitive as possible will be in the best position to capture those increasing sales.

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