In the early days of the web, people loved the novelty of kicking around a website to discover what they wanted, whether it was information or a certain product.

But times have changed and so has visitor behavior.

Now, visitors want entertaining, efficient experiences online—and when it comes to shopping for products, they often want the best deals, too. To help customers save time and/or money, ecommerce companies need to implement a best-in-class merchandising strategy that quickly surfaces the products most relevant to visitors’ interests. By reducing the number of clicks between site entry and add-to-cart, marketers increase the likelihood of improving conversion.

If you want to find out how you can optimize your online merchandising to drive both customer satisfaction and revenue, we’ve got you covered.

Our eBook, “The Ultimate Guide to Creating Merchandising Magic,” will fill you in on the best practices top ecommerce companies rely on to make sure they are putting the most relevant products in front of visitors at the right time.

You’ll discover:

• How to make your products discoverable, considerable, and purchasable

• Why bigger computer monitors could be hurting your merchandising efforts and how to respond

• Keys to successfully deploying predictive search, product recommendations, and endcaps that resonate with your visitors.

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