Seven years ago, my friend and co-founder David Brussin left Symantec, which had acquired our company TurnTide, to start his own company. True to his pattern of innovation, David came up with a great idea. He wanted a partner, so I introduced him to my friend David Bookspan. They became the co-founders of Monetate, and I was moved when they asked me to join them on their board of directors. Over the years since, I cheered, cajoled, argued, and did my best to help the company prosper. It did.

David and his team have build a great company with terrific momentum, burgeoning revenues and over 300 great clients. I am thrilled to join a company that has all of the building blocks for success – market leading products, wonderfully loyal customers, strong business momentum, and a tremendous culture.

Every company changes as it grows, moving to a new phase with each level of success. First Monetate achieved product-market fit, then enjoyed an exciting period of product-centric growth. Now it is time to begin the shift towards a go-to-market driven culture that puts customers front and center. The company has moved into the exciting expansion phase, when scalability is the name of the game.

It is natural for a founding CEO to make room for a different kind of leadership at this point. I was deeply humbled when David asked me to step from the sidelines onto the field to lead the company forward. David is a great innovator and visionary leader, and his continued involvement will ensure that we keep pushing the envelope. Meanwhile, I will focus on setting a clear course towards the future, and driving execution superiority to create it. I am thrilled to be working together again, in a partnership that is strong because of our shared foundation of values and mutual respect, and powerful because of our differences.

Our goal is to realize fully the vision that David first articulated seven years ago: advance marketing technology so far that it just works, so that marketers can focus on building relationships with customers across channels, rather than worrying about the technology that enables those relationships. Our passion and a commitment to excellence will enable us to achieve that goal. We will continue to boldly define the digital personalization category that we created in 2007.