The hardest part of the business isn’t always the business—it’s sometimes navigating the labyrinthian depths of office politics. As such, marketers can run into a brick wall of opposition when trying to win support for conducting website testing from the various stakeholders who usually get a say in the matter.

The most important thing to remember throughout the entire debate on whether or not your company should start a website testing program is that without it, you’re leaving money on the table. No website is ever optimized to 100% efficiency; there are always tweaks and changes that can be made that will provide a meaningful lift in conversions and, thus, sales.

Believe us, we know what it is like to deal with bosses! The counterintuitive ambivalence you encounter from decision-makers seems reminiscent of trying to appeal to a pantheon of capricious Greek gods who consider the suggestions of the mortals beneath them on a whim. For that, we have prepared a free white paper to help you make your case with your superiors and those who influence this buying decision. There is a maze of logic you must negotiate, so we have laid out a step-by-step process on how to do it that includes:

  • highlighting that there is currently a problem with key metrics, such as conversion and shopping cart abandonment

  • showing how much money is being left on the table by not testing and optimizing

  • pointing out the  practices of successful competitors and respected organizations that utilize testing platforms to optimize their efforts

  • explaining how easy implementing a testing platform is when you do not need to expend IT resources or break through legacy platform barriers
  • and more!

Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if there was a way to measure and account for every single change to a website? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a testing platform that showed its results in real time? The people making decisions at your company might not truthfully be aware that the technologies to test and optimize without massive resource investment exist. It is your job as a marketer to do everything you can to help your company succeed, and educating your superiors on the importance of website optimization is just one facet of that goal.

But don’t go it alone—download our free white paper, 8 Steps to Get Buy-in for a Website Testing Program.