RevZilla is a different kind of motorcycle company. They utilize customer insights to tailor their website to meet the needs of different visitors, bringing an insanely personal touch to shopping for motorcycle gear.

As RevZilla has grown, and as our brand has developed, people have come to expect that we not only offer the right products, but also a great buying experience. —Anthony Bucci, co-founder

RevZilla has found that the technical, performance-based nature of motorcycle gear and parts makes video an incredibly useful tool. They’ve produced thousands of videos featuring product reviews, introductions to new arrivals, and more.

One popular RevZilla video series is the high-energy Gear Guide, which helps customers find the right products for them. Here’s a recent installment:

Since video drives engagement and conversions for RevZilla, they need to make sure content is placed in the best possible locations throughout their website. RevZilla utilizes Monetate to learn when and where to surface video content and for which visitors.

In this recent example from the RevZilla website, notice how they embed the video right above the product gallery and anchor it with a compelling hero image. In this location, the video is not only impossible to miss, it doesn’t distract from the shopping experience either.

RevZilla organizes its products into top-level categories, such as Street, Adventure/Touring, Dirt, and Snow. Before the test campaign, each category page prominently displayed a carousel of video product reviews that were populated by the retailer’s merchandising system. But the marketing team worried that this carousel may be too intimidating for new visitors. So they decided to test it.

Version A featured two banners, one that connected visitors to an email newsletter signup form, and one that linked to the Gear Guides. Version B featured the same banners, plus a third to promote products that recently received a “ZLA Award,” their in-house program to recognize the best motorcycle gear.

RevZilla found that both test panels performed better than the original video carousel.

Version A generated a double-digit percentage lift in new customer acquisition against the carousel, and a similar lift for the same metric when compared to Version B.

With these insights in hand, they tweaked the design of their website to optimize the placement of the product videos. It’s all part of RevZilla’s mission to “bring the best possible shopping experience to any enthusiast who visits [them], in-store, or online.” RevZilla delivers on this promise with an unparalleled shopping experience that combines unique in-house videos, a confident stance on motorcycle gear, and compelling creative that speaks directly to their core target audience.

To learn more about RevZilla’s optimization and personalization strategy, check out the video below. Then view more Monetate case studies.