A review of the numerous studies that firms have conducted on shopping cart abandonment makes one thing perfectly clear: The average rate for the ecommerce industry never drops below 50%. But when you think about it, there’s a silver lining in that statistic.

Shoppers who abandoned their carts have indicated at least some level of interest in your company, if not the particular brands, categories, or products associated with the item(s) they left behind. And a good deal of research supports the likelihood that you can leverage this affinity to persuade more than a few cart abandoners to follow through on making a purchase—maybe even adding on to their original orders.

In our new eBook, Shopping Cart Recovery: Tips to Improve Conversion, you will learn about the key components to a cart recovery program, including:

• A look at how cookies help support on-site messaging and retargeting ads;

* ways to gather email addresses from new visitors;

* tips for more compelling abandoned cart emails;

* ideas for delivering more relevant messaging to returning visitors; and

* tactics for creating sophisticated retargeting campaigns.

While putting an end to shopping cart abandonment is no more realistic than creating a one-size-fits-all website, it is within your power to reconnect with shoppers who only need a reminder—and maybe a little incentive—to convert after all. Find out how in Shopping Cart Recovery: Tips to Improve Conversion.