There’s always a lot of talk about the product recommendations made by companies like Netflix and Amazon.

Some say those personalized product recommendations, based on users’ past behaviors, drive double-digit revenue for both companies. Others find the products recommended to them usually miss the mark, resulting in an unsatisfying experience.

And that’s the Catch-22 when it comes to product recommendations: If you do them well, you’ll earn raves and revenue. But recommending products that are irrelevant to some users could turn them off from purchasing from altogether.

So how can you ensure you’re making the smartest, most profitable product recommendations to your visitors?

Here’s help: Monetate has just released The Merchandiser’s Cookbook, a white paper chock-full of ways to develop successful product recommendations.

The Merchandiser’s Cookbook will teach you how to:

• Intelligently target your product recommendations to your customer segments.

• Deploy and test your product recommendations to ensure they are personalized and relevant.

• Make sure your products are discoverable, considerable, and purchasable.

• Create an interactive shopping cart that will get your visitors to complete the checkout process, and more.

Creating and implementing the most targeted product recommendations isn’t easy. But with this free white paper, you’ll learn how to master product recommendations, make shopping more fun and productive for customers, and increase conversions.