Really, that’s not entirely true.

The infographic depicts a derby-style showdown of the industry’s most popular customer experience solutions—A/B testing, product recommendations, and personalization. We call it the “Ecommerce Derby.”

We had a lot of fun making this one.

The four horses in the race:

  • Reco Reco Reco (product recommendations)
  • Lil ABN (A/B/n testing)
  • Mr. Personality (personalization)
  • I’lldoitnextyear (the personalization procrastinators)

They were judged on 4 key ecommerce metrics (RACE scores):

  • Retention
  • Add-to-cart rate
  • Conversion
  • Experience

Product Recommendations

How did the horses fare? I’lldoitnextyear started the race facing the wrong direction, of course. Brands need to be forward-thinking to get ahead of the ecommerce innovation curve and begin delivering personalized customer experiences now. His RACE scores were incomplete.

Product Recommendations

Reco Reco Reco (product recommendations) started off strong, but petered out before he made it to the 1/4-mile mark. Product recommendations are a great easy way to increase sales. They can also help increase the number of items purchased/session and drive repeat visits to your store. But product recommendations ≠ personalization. His RACE scores were inconsistent.

A/B/n Testing

Lil ABN (A/B/n testing) made it to the 1/2-mile mark before giving out. Website/mobile testing and optimization are a critical part of an effective personalization strategy. But they’re only a component. As we put it in the infographic: “She won’t tell you where to go, but she’ll get you there fast.” Her RACE scores showed potential.


Mr. Personality (Personalization) was the winner. The other horses just couldn’t keep up with his innovative combination of testing, recommendations, and dynamic, personalized customer experiences.


Get the full scoop. Check out the personalization infographic now.