PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Monetate, the leading provider of multichannel personalization to the world’s best brands, today announced a new solution, Predictive Decisioning, that amplifies – rather than attempting to replace – today’s marketers, allowing them to make real-time decisions, identify undiscovered audiences, and automatically determine the next best content or action to take regarding each unique customer – at enterprise scale. By pairing customer-level targeting with predictive insights, marketers can determine the next best action to take by analyzing customer profile attributes, multichannel data sources and behavioral information.

“Today’s marketers have limited time and resources and customers are increasingly demanding more personalized experiences and interactions. As a result, it is critical marketers focus their creative energies on those customers and experiences that will have the greatest impact on their business. But how do they identify these opportunities and where do they start?” said David Brussin, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Monetate.

With Predictive Decisioning, marketers are surrounded by deep customer insights driven by data science and machine learning, that amplify their overall effectiveness and creative impact. By understanding which customers they can make the biggest difference for, and in turn, which will have the biggest impact on their business, marketers can confidently and automatically deliver the right experience to the right customer – in real-time on the customer’s preferred channel or device.

Monetate’s Predictive Decisioning includes:

  • Predictive Analytics: With Predictive Analytics marketers are able to determine what to do next, for whom, and why, by uncovering patterns and relationships. Predictive Analytics helps marketers identify undiscovered audience groups that they might otherwise never think about targeting with a certain experience.
  • Predictive Audience: Predictive Audience allows marketers who know they want to target a specific audience, identify who is actually in that audience. For example, customers are able to identify an important segment, such as “anyone shopping for men’s clothing” and Monetate will identify the individuals who match that criteria across channels and offer predictive insights into their future purchase behaviors.
  • Predictive Action: With Predictive Action, Monetate determines which content is most effective for which audience. Marketers define a range of creative alternatives and Monetate determines which creative assets to show a visitor based on what is already known about that individual. For example, a brand can automatically deliver the best homepage hero image, on the fly, to the ideal audience.

Brussin continued, “The technology solutions currently available don’t allow a marketer to build a relationship with their customer. Instead, legacy solutions try to replace the marketer with a machine, dehumanizing the experience and leaving them helpless to an algorithm. Monetate’s Predictive Decisioning aims to be more Iron Man than Ultron for today’s marketers – acting as a force multiplier for their creative output and maximizing their ability to scale real-world personalization for the enterprise.”