PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – For decades, marketers have waited for technology to catch up to their needs. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-most marketing tactics. Instead, the leading brands of our era are focused on creating personalized customer experiences. All of this in a world where the consumer is always on, and more connected and informed than ever before. It’s now up to marketers to be agile enough to keep pace with their customers.

Stop Letting Your Customers Down: How to Build a Better Digital Experience was written with this in mind. Newly released by Brett Bair – a longtime veteran to the marketing industry and the senior director of digital marketing insights at Monetate – the book is a comprehensive guide for today’s brands to remain relevant in increasingly competitive markets. It’s a call-to-arms to make online marketing even more radical than it’s become, and to view customers in ways they’ve never been perceived before.

“Having worked in e-commerce since its earliest days, I feel it’s my duty to sound the alarm for those who are going about business the same way they were decades ago. The truth is, the biggest brands can sometimes be the furthest out of touch with what their customers actually want. People’s expectations evolve at warp speed nowadays. When it comes to accelerating to meet those expectations, companies that procrastinate will be left in the dust,” said Bair.

Bair’s book also points out that organizations that partner with Monetate – the company that influenced one in every three dollars spent online during Cyber Week last year – are able to move as fast as their customers, and at times even faster. Businesses can have relevant conversations with them on an individual basis, curating the type of meaningful experiences that breed brand affinity and repeat customers.

Bair continued, “Marketing has changed more in the past two years than it has in the past 50. The game of doing business online has changed – only those who expected the future of online commerce to arrive as soon as it did have found themselves in a position to quickly adapt and produce impressive results. It’s a process, and in Stop Letting Your Customers Down I outline how to put the customer first – at the core of all marketing activities – to improve the overall brand experience.”

About the Author

Brett Bair has 20 years of experience contributing to the digital and multichannel strategies for leading startups and e-commerce firms, including CDNow and Brett has a proven track record of helping innovative companies leverage new technology and techniques to drive growth. Before beginning his current role as Monetate’s Senior Director of Digital Marketing Insights, he worked with Monetate’s first 200 customers to drive significant business impact.

Brett is focused on helping businesses understand the strategic advantage of adopting a customer centric marketing focus. His expertise and hands-on experience in optimization, personalization, and digital merchandising enables him to provide a holistic approach to advising and creating the best possible digital customer experience. Brett is the author of Stop Letting Your Customers Down, a book focused on helping marketers understand the tremendous power available to them thanks to today’s advanced technology.

About Letting Your Customers Down

Letting Your Customers Down: How to Build a Better Digital Experience is now available and can be ordered online via Amazon. To learn more, visit