London, UK, (May 25, 2017) – British fashion and lifestyle brand, Jack Wills, has improved the performance of its online store by using personalisation to deliver different experiences for customers, generating significant double-digit increases in conversions for new users. Monetate Test & Segment, the Monetate platform for segment-based personalisation and testing, has enabled Jack Wills to make a number of important changes to its online store, including personalised rules for displaying products and ‘sticky filter’ functionality, providing customers with a better, more engaging user experience.

Monetate’s solution enables the clothing retailer to show new customers product category pages with ‘bestseller’ products, in contrast to existing customers who are shown the latest ‘new arrivals’ on the same category pages, as testing has proven that this group is more interested in discovering new products. Segmenting the online shopping journey in this way has delivered a 12% conversion increase for new customers and as well as an 8% increase in add-to-basket.

“As a leading British clothing brand, it’s really important for us to provide customers with what they want, when they want it, and our online channels provide us with more opportunities to deliver personalised experiences to users,” said Mark Wright, Managing Director Digital at Jack Wills. “Monetate has given us the insight we needed to test, target, and personalise the customer experience across a multitude of variables, improving the customer experience for our visitors, and driving our online revenues.”  

As part of the changes driven by Monetate, Jack Wills was also keen to improve user engagement on its product category pages.  Mark Wright continued:  “Previous research had shown that users who engage with filters are already two times more likely to purchase, and if they do, will spend 15% more. So it was really important that we got this part of the online experience right.”

The solution was the implementation of sticky left hand navigation filters that remain visible as the customer scrolls down the category page. “A user might search for a dress in a particular colour, style or pattern for example. By keeping the filters visible as you scroll the page, it encourages users to engage with further searches until they find the perfect dress they’ve been looking for, rather than abandoning the page completely. The results were impressive, with a 10% uplift in conversions, and a dip in bag abandonment.” commented Mark Wright.

Mike Harris, GM EMEA at Monetate, said: “Jack Wills is an example of a prominent British retailer that truly gets how important personalisation is, in an age when user experience is crucial to business success. Their results show that create engaging and immersive customer journeys have a direct impact on conversions, and ultimately revenue, and we look forward to building on these in the future.”

Monetate continues to support Jack Wills in delivering personalised customer experiences to its customers and the next phase of development will focus on search filters that improve engagement on mobile devices. With users typically spending 12% more on mobile than desktop, these sticky filter changes are expected to achieve amplified results.

The Monetate solution is also being extended to Jack Wills’ international websites, which are expanding with the recent addition of a new site for customers in Hong Kong.