Yesterday, at Monetate’s 2012 Agility Summit, some of the biggest ecommerce companies in the world gathered to hear key insights from digital thought leaders, share ideas, and find out more about creating a flawless customer experience on the web.

During the Summit, Monetate honored the companies that have used its Agility Suite to run more tests, discover more customer segments, optimize their websites, and create a true omnichannel experience for their website visitors.

Here’s a rundown of this year’s ecommerce stars and what they’ve accomplished.

Most Creative Campaign Award creatively blended testing campaigns with native website features to create an incredible experience for international visitors. REVOLVE tested its approach to calling out shipping availability to specific countries as well as different messages and placements.

REVOLVE also developed a translation process for their biggest international segments of shoppers, translating key messages and product details. But REVOLVE didn’t stop there. The company also created a lightbox to call out the new feature and allow international visitors to choose whether the website should be translated into their preferred language or not.

Most Impactful Single Campaign Award

Backcountry wanted to improve the effectiveness of its checkout. The existing checkout had some unused real estate, so the company decided to use that space for reinforcing and persuasive assets. Backcountry tested different messages like spotlighting its 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as its Norton-secured VeriSign feature. The result was a boost in ROI that prompted Backcountry to build those elements into its native checkout flow.

Best Omnichannel Award

In order to enhance the customer experience, L’Occitane used geotargeting in conjunction with its brick-and-mortar stores. First, L’Occitane incorporated dynamic boutique locator widgets in the channel area of its website, showing visitors the exact location of the nearest store. L’Occitane also used banners to highlight local in-store events for visitors from those areas.

The retailer implemented a lightbox that emphasized the fast two-day delivery on standard shipping to shoppers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, a valuable customer segment for the retailer due to the high concentration of stores in this region of the country.

Campaign Volume Award

DrJays is an example of getting the entire company involved in website testing and optimization, running a staggering 600 campaigns in 60 days.

DrJays has tested everything from website views to navigation bars along with hero images, colors, product badging, and more. And all of that testing is paying off, as DrJays continuously improves the features on its website to provide the ultimate online experience for visitors,

Best Use of Platform Award

For a site-wide free shipping event, Sheplers worked to identify ways to highlight the offer throughout the website experience. Sheplers dissected the user path from landing page to checkout to deliver reinforcement assets, starting on the landing page and then running a banner as a jumping-off point. From there, Sheplers added features on product pages for items that qualified for the free shipping offer and reinforced the offer close to the Add to Cart button.

Sheplers displayed dynamic banners on the cart page, calling out the free shipping offer again by telling visitors when they qualified for the offer or how much more they needed to add to their cart dollar-wise to reach the offer threshold. The combination of these techniques generated huge results for Sheplers, and proved they were masters of the platform.

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