This is part 2 of our roundup of press coverage about Monetate Summit 2015. (Part 1 here.)

Inside the annual event that reminds you that Monetate is kind of a big deal [ Philly]

Glowing blue orbs sit at the center of every table, long rows of Monetate employees—in blue company T-shirts—line the back of the room and blue lights illuminate the room’s stately floor to ceiling columns and the folds of the curtain on stage, where Monetate CEO Lucinda Duncalfe, clad in jeans and a blazer, has just appeared. Her walk-on music? Katy Perry’s “Roar.”

Monetate Releases Customer Intelligence Layer [Destination CRM]

Another article that describes our recent announcements, albeit in more detail:

  • Cross-Screen Experiences: As customers navigate between different devices, all of their behavior is aggregated for delivering seamless cross-screen experiences that pick up where they last left off.
  • Predictive Intelligence: Pairing customer-level targeting and predictive decisioning can automatically determine the next-best action, creative, and audience to deliver or target. Through analyzing customer profile attributes, multichannel data sources, and behavioral insights, marketers can personalize experiences in real time and even predict lifetime value and churn.

How Johnston & Murphy is Using Data to Personalize the Online Shopping Experience [Total Retail]

In this video interview, Heather Marsh (VP Ecommerce, Johnston & Murphy) talks about how her brand uses customer data to deliver personalized and targeted marketing:

Without accurate and actionable data, personalization isn’t possible. For Johnston & Murphy, an omnichannel retailer of high-end men’s and women’s shoes, accessories, apparel and gifts, leveraging data such as purchase history across its sales channels—brick-and-mortar, online, catalog—has enabled the brand to create personalized online shopping experiences for its customers.

Personalize Now: Lessons Learned from Monetate Summit [Customer Portfolios]

In accordance with the theme of Personalize Now, there were several key takeaways that came out of the event that can help you become more customer-centric through aid of customer data.

1. Make a relevant experience for the customer. As the Monetate video pointed out, no two customers are alike. Each customer has their own unique needs, wants, preferences, and tastes, yet so many brands treat customers as if they are all the same. By using data to understand each customer, brands can create a 1:1 omni-channel experience that provides them with relevant offers and timely information.