Several dozen shrimp and gallons of coffee later, Monetate Summit 2015 is over. The event was a resounding success.

But don’t take it from us. Reporters were on the scene, and they captured the innovative things our customers are doing to deliver relevant, personalized experiences to their customers.

Here’s part one of our roundup of Summit press coverage. (Part 2 here.)

Testing Helps Drive Online Revenues for JanSport [Total Retail]

Remember JanSport and their classic bag with the brown bottom part? Well, they’re still around, and their recently launched ecommerce presence is thriving. Here’s a quotation from the article:

We had to get site visitors to shift their mind-set from “I like” to “I want,” said Victoria Reuter, vice president of ecommerce at JanSport, in a presentation this week at the Monetate Summit in Philadelphia. To help with that initiative, JanSport partnered with Monetate in April 2014. JanSport is working with Monetate to improve personalization, testing and targeting, and merchandising.

Monetate Unveils 2015 Product Roadmap [Internet Retailer]

This article provides a nice overview of upcoming products we announced at Summit:

In the fragmented commerce landscape, it has become increasingly difficult for brands to keep up with customers who move fluidly between screens – not to mention physical and digital shopping environments.

The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer empowers brands to conquer this challenge by identifying unique individuals over the sea of touchpoints. It interprets key attributes and critical behavioral signals buried in mountains of online and offline data to inform evidence-based marketing strategies.

Why the Monetate Summit just made my job even harder… [LinkedIn]

This article was written by Finn Christo, Ecommerce Manager for

George Blankenship took to the stage this week and talked about his journey with Apple and Tesla. Throughout his talk he highlighted the ‘smiles’ of the people he managed to reach with his work at both companies. I didn’t see a harried and stressed-out business man with today’s numbers pressing on his mind or someone recently liberated from the ‘rat-race’ but someone that reveled in the wake of culture-shifting innovation that came from more than just A/B testing.

3 Personalization Lessons From Lilly Pulitzer [Total Retail]

This article is a great recap of the keynote presentation of Michelle Kelly, President of Lilly Pulitzer.

“Personalization is at the center of our brand,” said Kelly at last week’s Monetate Summit. “We started with personalized curated fabrics and we continue with personalization throughout our brand.”

Kelly discussed how Lilly Pulitzer segments consumers into six different personas to best acquire and retain them, as well as enhance the brand’s personalization efforts. However, Kelly acknowledged that creating a message that can be personalized across six different personas can be challenging.

The 5 Levels on the Path to Personalization [MediaPost]

This piece describes the five levels of personalization, as outlined by our CEO, Lucinda Duncalfe:

“The five steps are a combination of what we’re seeing in the market and our customer advisory reports about the thinking of where it’s going,” said Duncalfe. […]

“Where we are today is Level One, which is just the standard best practice,” said Duncalfe. “The problem with it is you have the tyranny of the average, which doesn’t work.

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