Marketing campaignsThat’s right: New decade, new blog, same goal as the old blog, yet better. Why better? Because the blog will now reflect Monetate’s new focus on real-time marketing. As we see it, “real-time” is the key to ecommerce and mcommerce success in this new decade.

Sure, all the past posts are here, with their focus on practical ideas and advice for improving the performance of your online marketing and merchandising efforts. But moving forward our focus will be a particular approach to marketing, an approach we refer to as “real-time”.

Working with our clients over the past two years we have seen the terrific growth in online revenue that is possible when commercial web sites respond in real time. At first we thought this growth was simply a result of the post-click tailoring of content to different traffic segments, the instant generation of personalized pages that Monetate has pioneered. But over time, and through extensive analysis, we saw that there was more to it than that.

Real-time marketing means more than marketers creating campaigns that can customize page content on-the-fly to match what you know about the visitor viewing that page. It also means marketers being able to put campaigns in place on their schedule, in real time, not some stretched version of time created by the e-commerce platform or the availability of I.T. resources.

We firmly believe companies that “get” real-time marketing will be the ones that exceed expectations in this new decade. And the marketers and merchandisers who understand and implement “real-time” are the ones who will excel.

We are thrilled to be in a position to help make that happen.