Welcome to This Week Today, a new blog series published by the Monetate content team. Yes, we stole the name from John Oliver. No, we’re not sorry.

Join us each Friday for a wrap up of the week’s top ecommerce news, including cool retail innovations, video interviews, and other fun stuff. We’ll share only the five best links of the week.

Without further ado, here’s This Week Today vol. #one for Friday 7.10.2015.

graphs 1. QVC announces new Business Planning & Analysis business unit[Internet Retailer]

“Television and e-commerce retailer QVC has created a new business unit it’s calling the Business Planning & Analysis group that will seek to leverage customer data across its global businesses.Sanjay Singh will lead the group […] and will be responsible for developing insights to drive growth in its global businesses, QVC says.”

ipad 2. When it comes to online shopping, we’re browsing more and buying less. [Washington Post]

“A new report has found that customers are leaving retailers’ Web sites more frequently without buying anything and, when they do open their wallets, they are spending less on average per order.The findings come as retailers have been pouring money into adapting their sites to appeal to customer’s fast-evolving digital preferences, and they may be a sign retailers are struggling…”

3. Five tools every fashion retailer must use

[Business 2 Community]

“The fashion ecommerce sector has seen a meteoric rise over the last few years. No surprises here, this trend is set to continue with an increase of 18% in overall sales in 2015.While online fashion retail has made apparel and accessories of any kind accessible to individuals all over the world, ecommerce entrepenuers still face some huge problems along with new competitors popping up daily.”

Silicon Valley 4. Silicon Valley Dictionary

We’re big fans of the HBO show Silicon Valley here at Monetate. The top definition (as of today):”Non-technical cofounder. A Wharton MBA who will overestimate the value of his idea and underestimate the value of the person who will implement it. Often wonders why his technical cofounders leave him and the apps they build look like shit and get hacked all the time.”

David Brussin  5. Current trends in conversion data

Watch this video interview with David Brussin

(Monetate co-founder and CPO) and Daniel Burstein (MarketingSherpa).This informative 7-minute video was recorded live at IRCE 2015 in Chicago. It discusses the reasons and motivations behind current ecommerce trends.


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