Hopefully you’ve seen today’s news release about the roundtable on May 6 at Shop.org’s Online Marketing Workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona. We’re pretty excited about it and we’d love to see you there.

Shop.org chose “Optimizing Your Online Business” as the theme of this workshop and they chose our roundtable proposal from among many. The title is “Map Your Path to Online Optimization: A whole new way to reach your goals.”

We’ll be talking about an effective new way of looking at your ecommerce data to prioritize the biggest opportunities for improving the bottom line. Our CEO, David Brussin, will be leading the roundtable, which will feature an online retailer who has had impressive results with the techniques that David will be sharing. David will show you how to perform this analysis and teach you how to do it yourself, using tools and data that you already have.

The news release “Finding Best Opportunities to Improve Online Retail’s Bottom Line” is now online at PRWeb or you can download a .pdf version of release here.