Retail has changed a lot since 1850, the year Johnston & Murphy was founded. The ecommerce revolution was over 120 years away.

But a lot hasn’t changed. Sophisticated women and men still purchase premium footwear and apparel from Johnston & Murphy, face-to-face with friendly sales associates. They also make those purchases face-to-screen, via

How can a retailer with over a century of retail know-how bring that world-class experience to today’s connected customer? The answer for Johnston & Murphy is simple. They deliver consistent, engaging experiences that reach customers wherever they are. They just started with a clear vision and the right technology partners.

We wanted to integrate our offline in-store data with our online data. We know a large percentage of our in-store customers do research online before they visit us, and we want to make that experience as seamless as possible.
—Heather Marsh, VP of Ecommerce, Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy isn’t the only retailer witnessing the research-before-you-buy-in-store phenomenon. Today’s shoppers do their homework. According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 73% of U.S. consumers browsed products online before deciding to purchase them in-store.

To execute their vision of seamless cross-channel experiences, Johnston & Murphy partnered with Monetate and Customer Portfolios. In one campaign, they used past customer purchases (in-store and online) to deliver targeted promotions. If a customer is big on Johnston & Murphy footwear but has never purchased apparel, they will see a lightbox and a special offer when they visit the website. This allows Johnston & Murphy to cross-promote products in a relevant, dynamic way, that just wasn’t possible before.

In another campaign, they created personalized content for women visitors. They replaced the normal hero image on their homepage that featured a man and woman, with one that featured just a woman. This subtle change reduced bounce-rates by a third.

“Personalization is important because we want to make sure the customer has a relevant experience on the website. We want them to come back to the website often, find what they came for easily, and make sure we’re providing the most relevant information—whether they’re a retail-only, online shopper, or a combination of the two. With Monetate, we’ve been able to lower bounce rate, increase add-to-cart rate, and ultimately increase conversion.”
—Heather Marsh, VP of Ecommerce, Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy uses personalization to drive sales and improve the shopping experience for their customers. By using the online and offline data available to them, they’re able to intelligently cross-promote products, reward their most loyal customers, and serve content that is most relevant to their interests.

Johnston & Murphy targets their experiences based on:

  • Channel (offline and online)
  • Products purchased (offline and online)
  • Number of orders (offline and online)
  • Product category of purchases (offline and online)
  • Gender

For more, watch this video interview with Johnston & Murphy’s Heather Marsh:

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